Privacy Protections in the Cloud

PIs: David Faigman, JD and Jennifer Dunn, JD

Funders: Cy Pres “Cookie Litigation”

Project Objective: We will explore the legal and health policy implications of our increasing reliance on internet-based technology, including the move to electronic (online) personal health records.

Project Description: As hospitals, clinicians, researchers and insurance companies increasingly rely on internet-based technology to exchange and store information, including personal health information, does this pose increased risk to both the patient and hospital?  How will this impact community clinics and other health care providers with limited resources?  Despite state and federal law prohibiting the disclosure of personal health information and heavy fines for hospitals that fail to prevent the disclosures, the news is flooded with stories of patient information inadvertently made public.  This project will research the privacy protections currently available for information in the cloud and recommend guidelines for clinicians, institutions and private individuals.

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