UCSF Students: Courses in Law and Health Science at UC Hastings

UC Hastings offers a wide variety of educational opportunities to UCSF students and faculty. Students can explore a variety of health-law-related subjects at UC Hastings. UCSF students are even eligible to apply credits earned at UC Hastings toward graduation requirements! We will make every effort to help you enroll in your preferred coursework at UC Hastings, consistent with cross-registration guidelines.

Courses at UC Hastings

Students at UCSF can enroll in coursework for credit at UC Hastings and apply it to their degree requirements.  The Consortium coordinates cross-registration between the two institutions.

Below is an outline of the process for enrolling in UC Hastings coursework for credit.  We recommend that you be proactive in following up with the Consortium and with UC Hastings to ensure that the enrollment process is successfully completed.

Find a Class at UC Hastings

UC Hastings' Course Catalog has the most recent information on when courses will be offered, as well as a complete list of courses and course descriptions.  For help identifying appropriate coursework, email Sarah Hooper, Consortium Executive Director, at Hoopers@uchastings.edu . When you've identified a class, look it up on WebAdvisor to find out when it meets.

Note about WebAdvisor – you don’t need UC Hastings login credentials to access course information. Simply click ‘Go Directly to Search for Sections’ at the top

Obtain UC Hastings Instructor Approval

Contact the UC Hastings Instructor and obtain the instructor’s permission to enroll (UC Hastings students have registration priority).  Email approval is sufficient.

Two things to note:

• Many instructors will not know that UCSF students can take courses at UC Hastings, and you simply need to educate them.  Sending them a link to this webpage and copying Sarah Hooper will be helpful.

Obtain Approval for Course Credit at UC Hastings

If given permission, contact the Office of the Registrar at UCSF to enroll.

Enroll in Course at UCSF

Once you have been given approval to enroll in the course, contact the UC Hastings Records Office to get credit transferred back.

*UCSF learners may enroll in up to 6 units for free


Looking for course suggestions or assistance with enrollment? Contact us! Email Sarah Hooper at hoopers@uchastings.edu.


Law and Health Sciences Courses at UC Hastings Include...


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