Courses at UCSF

UCSF offers a wide variety of educational opportunities to UC Hastings students and faculty. Hastings students are even eligible to apply credits earned at UCSF toward graduation requirements!
We will make every effort to help you enroll in your preferred coursework at UCSF, consistent with cross-registration guidelines. Law students with backgrounds in hard sciences may be eligible to enroll in more advanced science courses.


Courses at UCSF

Students at UC Hastings can enroll in coursework for credit at UCSF and apply it to their degree requirements.  The Consortium coordinates cross-registration between the two institutions.

Below is an outline of the process for enrolling in UCSF coursework for credit.  We recommend that you be proactive in following up with the Consortium and with UCSF to ensure that the enrollment process is successfully completed.

Find a Class at UCSF

For information about class offerings, visit the UCSF Course Catalog.  For help identifying appropriate coursework, email Sarah Hooper ( or Jaime King (

Obtain UCSF Instructor Approval

Contact the UCSF Instructor and obtain the instructor’s permission to enroll (UCSF students have registration priority).  Email approval is sufficient.

Two things to note:

• Many instructors will not know that UC Hastings students can take courses at UCSF, and you simply need to educate them.  Sending them a link to this webpage and copying Jessaca Machado will be helpful.

• Some UCSF courses are not free, even to UCSF students.  You may still be able to enroll the course, but will not be able to have the fee waived.

Obtain Approval for Course Credit at UC Hastings

Complete the Non-Law Transfer Credit Petition Form.  Return the form, along with a copy of the course description, to the UC Hastings Records Office.  The Associate Academic Dean must grant permission before you can enroll in the course at UCSF.  (The Records Office will send your credit petition and course description to the Associate Academic Dean.)  You may not obtain credit for a class at UCSF that is “substantially similar” to a course offered here at Hastings.  (See Academic Regulation 2213).  Due to the difference in credit values between the Semester and Quarter systems, the Records Office will translate the UCSF quarter units into their equivalent in UC Hastings semester units.  Generally, one (1) quarter unit is equal to two-thirds (2/3) of a semester unit.  You may apply up to 6 UC Hastings semester units of credit from non-law graduate programs toward your 86-unit graduation requirement.

 *Note: The UC Hastings Records Office must have the form before the start of the course. It may take the registrar a few days to approve, so earlier is always better

Enroll in Course at UCSF

Once you have been given approval to enroll in the course, contact the Office of the Registrar at UCSF



Some courses that may be of interest to Hastings Students include...

Social Policy in Aging (219 - 3 units)

Sociology of Aging (233 - 2-3 units)

Introduction to Global Health (101 - 1.5 units)

Socio-cultural and Behavioral Determinants of Health (202D - 3 units)

Global Health Law (212 - 3 units)

Global and Local Health Disparities and Inequalities (204 - 3 units)

Health Systems Management (287A - 3 units)

Future of Health & Health Care (202 - 2 units)

Organizational Analysis of US Healthcare (225 - 4 units)

Health Care Economics (284 - 4 units)

Homeless Health Issues (170.10A - 1 unit)

Health & Social Justice (170.17 - 1 unit)

Violence - Causes, Effects, Solutions (180.08 - 1-2 units)

Understanding the Complexities of Substance Abuse (140.62 - 3 units)

Violence as a Health Problem in the US (201 - 2-4 units)