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Welcome! The Consortium is a resource for JD students interested in classes and careers in health science. Check out UC Hastings’ Concentration in Law and Health Sciences, and be sure to engage with Consortium faculty and staff throughout your time at UC Hastings!

From the classroom to a career!

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Our courses don't require a science background. In fact most of our JD students come in with no scientific training or expertise at all.

We encourage any student with interest in this area to get involved- the diversity of perspectives is what interdisciplinary learning and research is all about!

You don't!

The Consortium is an academic program at UC Hastings that provides a multitude of opportunities for students, faculty, and others.  These include courses, seminars, clinics, externships, events, career resources, and research opportunities.

The way to get involved is to start showing up!  A good first step is to join our listservs here:
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Another way to get involved? By getting in touch! Email Sarah Hooper at hoopers@uchastings.edu with questions or to set up time to talk.  

You can also contact Sarah using this form.

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