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November Grand Rounds: Genomic Medicine – Levels of Evidence in Proving Clinical Utility

Genomic Medicine: Levels of Evidence for Proving Clinical Utility [spacer] Thomas J. White, Ph.D. Regents' Lecturer, UC Berkeley 2012-2013 [spacer]   The application of massively parallel genomic DNA sequencing methods is transforming the practice of medicine – particularly in oncology where companion diagnostic tests are intended to aid physicians in selecting appropriate therapies for individual patients.…
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Selective Reduction: A Soft Cover for Hard Choices?

Join us in the ARC at 12pm Tuesday, September 2nd for a Colloquium presented by Professor Radhika Rao. Professor Rao's talk will address the distinction between selective reduction and abortion, and the widely-held consensus that the two are fundamentally different medical procedures. Although they appear to call for a distinct moral calculus, the two procedures…
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“Welcome to Fall” Student Happy Hour

The Consortium invites all students interested in health law and policy to join us for the Welcome to Fall Happy Hour on Wednesday, August 20th, at 3:30pm in the Skyroom. Whether you know nothing about health and science, or come with a science background, we encourage you to come hang out and learn about the many opportunities…
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