Monthly Archives: September 2014

Documentary Screening: ‘Invisible Threat’

Invisible Threat explores the science of vaccination and how fears and misconceptions have lead some parents to delay or decline vaccinating their children.  This 40-minute independent, award-winning documentary was created by the students in Carlsbad High School, in South California. The film earned praise for more than fifty organizations, including the CDC, the Children’s Hospital of…
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September Grand Rounds: SF Community-Wide Approach to Advance Care Planning

SF Community-Wide Approach to Advance Care Planning Jeff Newman, MD, MPH   While state-of-the-art advance care planning and services are provided through UCSF and other systems, most patients with advanced illness are still not benefiting from palliative care, hospice, and related solutions.  Unmet needs will increase because of our aging population.  We propose that SF…
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